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In a pool of labels confined black, whisks and risks festive season, Kalomo district sports advisory committee decided to do a Ramadan on Swallowship affairs to over 12 teams, by organizing a memorable football tournament which saw 12 teams, crash horns and bones hosted at slaughter house Mabu grounds.

The tourna included teams such as giants Kalomo jetters, Young Pirates, Kalomo United, Twapona Fc, Mama T, and young blues. To add spice to the honey dripping cake, were young jetters, Kalomo sports academy, red star, super star the might twin Rivers, with the Division 1 out fit Kalomo jetters being crowned as champions after beating Young blues 3 goals to nothing.
The 3rd and 4th place were shared by Twapona and Young pirates respectively.

The final was Graced by his excellence FAZ South president, Mr Hafwiti, who was in company with the GS Mr Munkobwe and were welcomed by Mr Kaluwe the Provincial sports advisory committee member. Mr Siansali who is the district chair also welcomed the EXCO and provincial leaders.

Addressing the teams and the crowds, Mr Hafwiti reaffirmed his delight to the organizers for arranging such an entertaining tournament, and hyped Kalomo jetters, to pull up socks and change levels by playing in national leagues.
The president was also left amazed by the talent Kalomo has, who tipped the audience to come back and tap some players and push them higher. This was after he and the entourage was left blushed by some entertaining skills of Active Michelo, also known as Tshabalala.

Speaking to zambian bulletin, one of The tournament organizers madam Mary Nkawaga, was in sweet soup of joy to see the Program be a success, who also thanked all the community for tremendous Support rendered towards the event.

She cited lack of standard grounds In the district as one of the challenges faced especially if this tournament is improved In the coming years.
“We need to have more habitable grounds, not just depend on two, we need more.” Highlighted Nkawaga.

She went on to marvel on the importance of holding such a prestigious event during festive season.
” Our aim was to involve youths in sports activities during Christmas and new year, rather than them drinking. Youths should now focus on being disciplined, avoid substance abuse and put the focus on these activities,” Nkawaga lamented.

Her and the entire district team, are looking forward to extend this tournament to Provincial level.

What a success, what a tournament and what a joy to be part of football family.
We live soccer, we love soccer, all for the love of the ball.

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