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About Us

Bola Yapa Zed, a prominent sports website, is a dedicated platform that focuses on extensively documenting the world of Zambian football. Since its establishment in February 2022 by the visionary Mr. Chikondi Zulu, the website has aimed to provide football enthusiasts with the latest news, comprehensive coverage of transfers, and valuable insights into grassroots football in Zambia.

As a hub for Zambian football, Bola Yapa Zed operates with a clear mission: to be a frontrunner in delivering accurate, up-to-date, and in-depth football-related information. By staying on top of the latest happenings in the Zambian football scene, the website aims to keep fans, players, and stakeholders well-informed about their favorite sport.

One of the core features of Bola Yapa Zed is its commitment to delivering the latest football news. From match reports and analysis to player updates and team performances, the website ensures that readers are promptly informed about the latest developments in Zambian football. By providing comprehensive coverage of local football events, tournaments, and leagues, Bola Yapa Zed acts as a go-to source for anyone seeking information about the Zambian football landscape.

Additionally, Bola Yapa Zed places a strong emphasis on transfers. Keeping track of player movements within Zambian football, the website provides timely updates on transfers, loan deals, contract extensions, and other transfer-related news. This aspect of coverage allows fans to stay abreast of the evolving dynamics of the Zambian football market.

Another significant aspect of Bola Yapa Zed‘s mission is to shed light on grassroots football in Zambia. Recognizing the importance of nurturing and developing talent from the ground up, the website offers insights into the local football community, including coverage of youth leagues, academies, and rising stars. By highlighting the grassroots level of the sport, Bola Yapa Zed contributes to the growth and recognition of talented young footballers who may go on to make a significant impact in the future.

Through its dedication to delivering high-quality content and a user-friendly platform, Bola Yapa Zed has quickly become a reliable source of football news and insights for Zambian football enthusiasts. By staying true to its mission of being a leading provider of football-related information, the website continues to foster engagement, knowledge, and passion for the sport in Zambia.


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