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Celebrating Excellence: 2023 MTN Super League Awards Winners

Celebrating Excellence: 2023 MTN Super League Awards Winners

In a thrilling season filled with exceptional talent, the MTN Super League Awards have recently concluded, honoring the outstanding individuals who left an indelible mark on the competition. From players to coaches and referees, the winners’ achievements showcased their skill, dedication, and passion for the game. Let’s delve into the prestigious accolades and celebrate the remarkable individuals who shone brightly throughout the season.

Player of the Season – Andy Boyeli (Power Dynamos):
The coveted title of Player of the Season was bestowed upon the phenomenal Andy Boyeli from Power Dynamos. With mesmerizing skills, consistent performances, and invaluable contributions, Boyeli left an unforgettable impression. His ability to take charge on the field, drive his team forward, and find the back of the net made him a worthy recipient of this esteemed award.

Young Player of the Year – Andrew Phiri (MUZA FC):
Recognizing the potential and promise of young talent, the Young Player of the Year award went to Andrew Phiri of MUZA FC. Despite his tender age, Phiri exhibited remarkable maturity, skill, and composure on the field. His performances showcased a glimpse of the bright future ahead, and his dedication to honing his craft is an inspiration for budding footballers.

Best Player of the Season – Andy Boyeli (Power Dynamos):
In addition to claiming the Player of the Season accolade, Andy Boyeli further solidified his status as the Best Player of the Season. This dual recognition highlights Boyeli’s exceptional impact and dominance in the league. His electrifying performances enthralled fans and made him a standout performer throughout the season.

Most Disciplined Player – Benedict Chipeshi (Red Arrows):
Sportsmanship and discipline are traits that are highly valued in football, and Benedict Chipeshi of Red Arrows exemplified these qualities impeccably. Known for his fair play, professionalism, and conduct both on and off the field, Chipeshi was honored with the Most Disciplined Player award. His exemplary behavior serves as a model for aspiring athletes.

Top Scorer – Andy Boyeli, 18 goals (Power Dynamos):
When it comes to finding the back of the net, no one did it better than Andy Boyeli. With an astonishing tally of 18 goals, Boyeli emerged as the league’s leading goal scorer. His clinical finishing, ability to create opportunities, and sheer determination propelled Power Dynamos forward, making him a formidable force in front of goal.

Coach of the Year – Mwenya Chipepo (Power Dynamos):
The role of a coach is pivotal in shaping a team’s success, and Mwenya Chipepo of Power Dynamos proved his mettle. Guiding his squad with strategic prowess, leadership, and inspiration, Chipepo’s coaching acumen propelled Power Dynamos to new heights. His tactical brilliance and ability to instill a winning mentality earned him the Coach of the Year accolade.

Referee of the Year – Hilary Hambaba:
Upholding the integrity and fair play of the game, referees play a vital role in maintaining the spirit of football. Hilary Hambaba’s officiating skills, consistency, and professionalism stood out among his peers, earning him the prestigious Referee of the Year award. Hambaba’s astute decision-making and control over matches ensured a fair and engaging spectacle for players and fans alike.

Assistant Referee of the Year – Trywell Nyirenda:
Assisting referees in maintaining the flow and accuracy of matches is the crucial role of assistant referees. Trywell Nyirenda’s sharp eye for offside decisions, accuracy, and unwavering support to the main referees earned him the Assistant Referee of the Year award

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