Francisco Mwepu Excited for Zambia National Team Call-Up

Zambia National Football Team striker, Francisco Mwepu, expressed his delight at being called up to represent his country in the upcoming AFCON 2024 qualifier match against Ivory Coast.

The talented striker, who plies his trade in La Liga for Cadiz, acknowledged the challenge that lies ahead but assured fans that the team is fully prepared for the crucial encounter.

With the opportunity to don the national team jersey once again, Francisco Mwepu couldn’t hide his happiness. Being selected to represent his country is a source of immense pride for the talented striker. Eager to contribute to his team’s success, Mwepu expressed his excitement and readiness to face the formidable Ivory Coast team.

Mwepu understands that the upcoming AFCON 2024 qualifier against Ivory Coast will not be an easy match. The Ivorian team boasts a wealth of talent and experience, making them a formidable opponent. However, rather than being daunted by the challenge, Mwepu embraces it as an opportunity to showcase his skills on the international stage.

As the match approaches, Mwepu assured fans and supporters that the Zambian national team is fully prepared for the task at hand. The team’s relentless dedication and hard work during training have instilled a sense of confidence and belief in their abilities. Mwepu emphasized that they are well aware of what is at stake and will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory.

Mwepu emphasized the importance of teamwork and unity within the Zambian national team. Believing in their collective strength, he highlighted that their shared goals and commitment to each other will be crucial in navigating the challenges posed by Ivory Coast. Mwepu’s passion for his country and his teammates is evident, setting the stage for an inspiring performance on the field.

Francisco Mwepu‘s enthusiasm and determination to represent Zambia in the upcoming AFCON 2024 qualifier against Ivory Coast are palpable. His inclusion in the national team is a testament to his talent and hard work, and he is eager to make a significant impact on the game.

As the Zambian team prepares to face a formidable opponent, Mwepu’s words inspire confidence that they will leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory. Football fans eagerly await the thrilling encounter, anticipating a display of skill, teamwork, and unwavering determination from Mwepu and the Zambian national team.

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