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Zambia’s Copper Queens to Play Tanzania in World Cup Send-Off Match at Heroes Stadium

Zambia's Copper Queens to Play Tanzania in World Cup Send-Off Match at Heroes Stadium

The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) President, Andrew Ndanga Kamanga, has confirmed that the Zambia women’s national team, known as the Copper Queens, will host the Tanzania women’s national team in a World Cup send-off match. The match will be held at the Heroes Stadium in Lusaka, marking an important milestone for the Copper Queens as they prepare for the upcoming tournament.

The Copper Queens have been placed in Group C for the World Cup and will face tough competition from Spain, Costa Rica, and Japan. The opportunity to play a send-off match against Tanzania will allow the team to test their strategies and build momentum before taking on their group stage opponents.

In addition to the send-off match, the Copper Queens have scheduled a series of friendly fixtures to further prepare for the World Cup. They will face Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany in the coming weeks, providing valuable opportunities for the team to fine-tune their skills and establish a cohesive playing style.

The upcoming matches hold significant importance for the Copper Queens as they aim to make a strong impression at the World Cup. The team’s preparations, including the send-off match and friendly fixtures, will play a crucial role in their readiness and confidence as they represent Zambia on the global stage. Fans and supporters eagerly await the performances of the Copper Queens and hope for a successful campaign in the tournament.

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