Copper Queens Striker Xiomara Mapepa Apologizes for Misconduct in South Korea

Copper Queens Striker, Xiomara Mapepa, has taken responsibility for her actions and publicly apologized to the Football Association of Zambia, the team’s fans, and the country as a whole.

In a statement to ZNBC News, Mapepa acknowledged that her behavior while in camp was not up to the expected standards of conduct and expressed remorse for any harm caused. Mapepa also dispelled rumors of drug use and called on FAZ to support her as she works to improve her behavior and uphold the rules.

The striker, who also serves as the captain of the Elite Ladies Football Club, received full backing from her team’s CEO, Oliver Shalala. He affirmed that the club has provided Mapepa with the necessary support to help her work on her conduct and avoid any future incidents.

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It takes courage to admit one’s mistakes and apologize for them. Mapepa‘s actions demonstrate her commitment to personal growth and development. As a respected footballer, Mapepa‘s apology serves as a reminder to everyone that we all make mistakes, but it’s what we do to make amends that counts. With her team and the FAZ behind her, we can expect to see more positive outcomes from Mapepa in the future.

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