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Watch Edward Chilufya’s goal for Midtjylland against Silkeborg

Watch Edward Chilufya's goal Midtjylland against Silkeborg

Watch Edward Chilufya’s goal for Midtjylland against Silkeborg

Edward Chilufya is on fierce rise showing his ability to pick up pace and fight for the ball to maneuvers it well on the pitch while executing his duties as a mid-fielder. The under 20 Afcon winner is making his mark.

In last night’s game, Chilufya’s name was sung in the Arena as he made his debut for club in Denmark, Midtjylland. Chilufya was on the score sheet and one assist that helped beat rivals Silkeborg after leading and Midtjylland won 3 2.

The 22 year old is a speedy mid fielder, with a body that allows him to slip through players and offering through balls from the wing. His precision on the goal will surely offer him more game time as he has the ability to score from difficulty angles, a thing most keepers will have trouble dealing with.

It is his first game, and the home fans are enjoying him, giving him more warmth welcomes, because they know that they can count on the young player to propel the club. We wish him goal on his journey.

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