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Remains of FAZ doctor Joseph Kabungo have arrived in the country

Remains of a FAZ doctor Joseph Kabungo have arrived in the country

Remains of a FAZ doctor have arrived in the country

The body of Joseph Kateule Kabungo who died in Nigeria has arrived at the KK international airport this afternoon to an emotionally sad family, ministry of health and some Faz officials.

It is a sad moment indeed to engulf the the bitter truth that it was a sudden death, one expected to be the life guard of people. But in a sad turn of events those people cared less about his life. A family that expected him to return home safe and sound but in a casket that is nothing but a symbol of man’s greatest fear, death.

Dr Kabungo was appointed in 2017 by FIFA to its medical committee, one of the 9 standing committees as revised under FIFA statues and the FIFA Governance Regulations. Also was currently serving as Faz physician and at CAF as the doping control officer.

Dr Kabungo was killed after a riot broke out in Moshood Abiola Stadium in Nigeria that followed a final whistle blow that made sure Nigeria was out of the list that made it to the World cup. Some reports that reached the country are that he was beaten and stampede upon by the irate fans at the stadium while other reports say he collapsed.

Nigeria now faces sanctions if evidence brought before the courts is proven. In the near games to come, the Eagles could be playing games without their cheering fans. For now we wait and see the outcome, as this period has been preserved for the family to mourn their beloved in peace.

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