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Match Preview H2H: FC Muza vs Zesco United: Match Day 25


FC MUZA and Zesco United are two of the most prominent football teams in the Zambian super league, known for their fierce competition and passionate fans. When the two teams met for their first head-to-head match, the excitement was palpable.

The game was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams putting on impressive displays of skill and athleticism. However, despite several close calls and nail-biting moments, neither team was able to score a decisive goal.

As the match drew to a close, the tension in the stadium was almost unbearable. Fans of both teams were on the edge of their seats, eagerly awaiting the final whistle. When it finally blew, signalling the end of the game, the result was met with a mixture of relief and disappointment.

While neither team had managed to secure a victory, the fact that the game had ended in a draw only fuelled the anticipation for the next time the two teams would meet. With an average of two goals being scored per match between these two teams of the Zambian super league, fans knows that the next game will be just as thrilling, if not more so.

The draw between FC MUZA and Zesco United in their first head-to-head match only intensified the rivalry between the two teams. Fans of both teams have been debating endlessly about who would come out on top in their next encounter.

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FC Muza who are occupying the 4th position have had a solid season so far, winning 10 of their 24 matches in the Super League. They’ve also had seven draws and seven defeats, which means they’re in a decent position in the standings. However, their goal-scoring record of 26 goals, or an average of 1.08 goals per match, leaves something to be desired.

On the other side of the pitch, ZESCO United  who happens to be 6th on the table has had a slightly more uneven season. They’ve won eight of their 24 matches, which is two less than FC Muza. However, they’ve also had ten draws and six defeats, which means they’ve picked up more points overall.

ZESCO United‘s scoring record is also slightly better than FC Muza‘s, with 27 goals this season, or an average of 1.13 goals per match. Their defence is also impressive, conceding only 20 goals this season, which is an average of 0.83 goals per match.

As the season continues, fans of both teams are eagerly awaiting the next time they’ll face off against each other. Will FC Muza‘s strong defence be able to hold off ZESCO United‘s attacking prowess? Or will ZESCO United‘s ability to pick up points with draws come in handy? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure – the Super League is never short on excitement and drama.



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