This afternoon Green Buffaloes Football club announced the release of two Midfielders Mike Katiba and Gozon Mutale.

Gozon Mutale , has been released six months into his two years contract which he signed in January , 2022.

However six players have being termed as surplus to requirements and the Army sponsored team is willing to listen to offers.Gift Wamundila , Eddie Sinyangwe, Nebert Musamba , Nicholas Mulilo , Kingsley Mukuka, John Goma and Lazarus Muchinga are the players the club as prioritise to transfer during this window.

Majority of the players the club have put on the line to transfer are employees of the Zambia Army.Meaning the club need to make something before they’re transfered , but what has caused a conundrum is that these players are being over priced despite being surplus to requirements at the club.

When players are not into the plans of the club and the coach , there asking price (transfer fees) should be fair.Because the club want to decongest their wage bill and create room for other players who the club wishes to purchase.

To a Footballer what comes first between being a soldier in the army or playing football?

Of course to many Footballers , playing football comes first and later joins the army to secure there futures and look ahead life after Football, which is good , but it within the players right to decide.

The policies the army has is rigid and only benefits themselves.If not revised the army sponsored team will become unattractive to players in the future.

Looking at how players are loaned and released , it is easy to spot unprofessionalism in the way things are handled.

It’s either the army capitalize on the ignorance or desperation of players when they are about to join them.

Subjecting players to sign contracts is the professional way of managing Football ,unlike playing football for one club for ‘muyaya’ and get ditched whenever they want to.

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Dennis Sikazwe

Sports blogger, Football writer, social media manager

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