Forest Myooye Qualifies for Central Province Division Two, A Team to Watch Next Season

Forest Myooye, a football team that recently qualified from the FAZ Central Division Three league, is gearing up to compete in Central Province Division Two. After a successful run in the lower division, the team is now preparing to make their mark in the higher division. The CEO of Forest Myooye, Samuel Mango, has expressed confidence in the team’s readiness and hopes to secure qualification for Division One in the future.

During the previous season, Forest Myooye had standout players who made significant contributions to the team’s performance. Frank Kapwele emerged as the top scorer for the club, impressively finding the back of the net 16 times. Following closely behind was Tiile Ngobola, who also played a crucial role in the team’s attacking prowess. Their goal-scoring abilities will undoubtedly be valuable assets for Forest Myooye as they take on the challenges of Division Two.

As the new season approaches, Forest Myooye is generating a buzz among football enthusiasts. With their recent qualification and the talent showcased by players like Frank Kapwele and Tiile Ngobola, the team has positioned itself as one to watch in Central Province Division Two. Fans and supporters eagerly anticipate their performance and hope to see them make a strong push towards Division One qualification. The upcoming season promises excitement and anticipation for Forest Myooye and their supporters.

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Dennis Sikazwe

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