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Christopher Katongo’s Message to Young Footballers: Sacrifice for Success

Christopher Katongo's Message to Young Footballers: Sacrifice for Success

Christopher Katongo, the 2012 African Cup winner, shares some valuable insights for young players who are hungry for success. He emphasizes the importance of personal goals and representing one’s country with pride. He admits that achieving success as a player requires sacrifice, and it’s not just about fancy lifestyles, beer, and sex.

According to Katongo, players must focus on improving and working as a team player and individual. He shares his own experience of facing opponents in China, Greece, Denmark, South Africa, and Germany, which taught him a whole different ball game and approach. He encourages young players to learn every day and not aim for a luxury life as their ultimate goal.

Katongo believes that a bigger goal for a player comes with a lot of sacrifice. It means less time to go out and play and drink, and more time to work on their body, diet, and play. Players must spend more time watching games of opponents, great idol players, and footwork. They must practice penalties with the team and on their own, and not just learning how to do back flips because one may injure himself.

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Katongo concludes by saying that young players have many resources exposed to them today for improving as a team and as individuals. It’s up to them to make use of these resources and work hard towards achieving their goals. Success does not come easy, but with hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, it can be achieved.

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