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Christopher Katongo writes an emotional letter to Enock Mwepu

Christopher Katongo writes ✍

Enock Mwepu mwaiche wandi, am still trying to process iyi situation. Nachifina

Because I know the heart and love you have for the GAME.

You talk football
You practice and walk football
You live football, and that is in your DNA.

But I want you to know this, both your National and international duty are still Game.

You have made us proud, playing for Brighton alone has been a big win for the Zambian football. Brighton fans know about Zambia and they lift the Zambian Flag because you made them fall in love with It.

I am proud of what you have achieved Skipper. Let’s now bake the young lads to be more determined, passionate and hardworking.

Get Well Champ,
Work continues skipper.

Let’s talk when you get back in the country.

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