Bwezani Raves About Fredrick Mulambia Ahead of ABSA Cup Quarterfinals

As the quarter finals of the ABSA Cup competition approaches, Bwezani‘s opinion of Fredrick Mulambia remains unchanged. He still believes that if you’re a Mufulira Wanderer, you should keep a close eye on this young man, as he is likely to pose a serious challenge.

Bwezani‘s conviction that Mulambia deserves a place on the Zambian national team is unwavering. He believes that selection for the national team should be based purely on merit, and Mulambia‘s skill and talent make him a top contender for a spot.

Bwezani‘s unwavering belief in meritocracy is another factor that drives his support for Mulambia. He firmly believes that players should be selected for the national team based purely on their abilities, rather than any other considerations. In his opinion, Mulambia‘s talent speaks for itself, and he deserves to be given a fair chance to compete for a place on the national team.

Overall, Bwezani‘s passionate support for Fredrick Mulambia is a reflection of the player’s undeniable skill and talent, as well as his own belief in meritocracy. With Bwezani in his corner, Mulambia is sure to continue making a name for himself in Zambian football and beyond.

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