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Zambia’s Rhoda Njobvu qualifies for Ghana 2023 African Games

Zambia’s Rhoda Njobvu qualifies for Ghana 2023 African Games

Rhoda Njobvu, Zambia’s blazing-fast sprinter, has set the track alight yet again! With a burst of energy and determination, she has shattered her previous personal best time in the 400m, clocking an astonishing 52.64 seconds at the Gaborone Meet in Botswana.

Her lightning-fast speed has earned her a spot in the highly coveted Ghana 2023 African Games, where she will represent her country and showcase her exceptional talent on the international stage.

Rhoda‘s electrifying performance has left her competitors in the dust and set tongues wagging in the athletics world. Her sheer grit and perseverance have paid off, and she has truly earned her place among the elite athletes of Africa.

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But Rhoda isn’t content to rest on her laurels – she’s already looking ahead to her next challenge. With her sights set on even greater heights, she’s determined to keep pushing herself to the limit and breaking records along the way.

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