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Fashion Sakala Expresses Disappointment in Ungrateful Zambian Fans

Fashion Sakala Expresses Disappointment in Ungrateful Zambian Fans

Fashion Sakala, a talented winger, has expressed his disappointment in the ungrateful Zambian fans who continuously insult him for his style of play. Despite being honored to play for the national team, he has had to endure vicious insults and booing from fans who criticize his dribbling skills and playing style.

Sakala has played successfully in Europe for seven years, and he believes that his performances there contribute immensely to his selection for the national team. He is highly trained to cause threats to opponents and make as many touches as possible to create chances for the team.

It is heartbreaking for Sakala to receive such negative feedback from his fellow countrymen, especially when he has shown nothing but hard work, sacrifice, dedication, and commitment to win games for his country. However, he remains grateful for the support he has received from his family, the national team coach, management, teammates, and other fans who have shown him love and support.

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Despite the challenges he has faced, Sakala has vowed to continue wearing his national team jersey with pride because he believes that Zambia represents unity. It is essential to appreciate the efforts of our national team players and support them, even if we do not always agree with their playing style.

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