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Zambia drawn in Group E for 2026 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Zambia drawn in Group E for 2026 FIFA World Cup

Zambia has been drawn into Group E, which consists of strong teams like Morocco Congo, Niger, and Eritrea 

Morocco is a renowned football nation with a rich history in international competitions. They have a talented squad and are known for their technical skills and tactical prowess. Their presence in Group E will pose a significant challenge to Zambia.

Congo on the hand is another team which, brings their own set of skills and experience to the table. They have a passionate football culture and have produced some talented players over the years. Matches against Congo will be closely contested and highly competitive.

Niger, although a relatively smaller football nation which can’t be underestimated has shown in the past that they can be a tough opponent to face. Zambia will need to approach their games against Niger with focus and determination to secure positive results.

Eritrea, the final team in Group E, is known for their physicality and resilience. They have a strong football tradition and can pose a challenge to any team. Zambia will have to strategize and work hard to overcome Eritrea’s strengths.

The qualifiers starting in November will be a series of intense matches where each team will fight for the top spots in the group. Zambia will aim to showcase their football abilities, tactical acumen, and teamwork to secure victories and accumulate enough points to progress to the next stage.

Fans and supporters of Zambian football will be eagerly anticipating these matches, hoping for their team’s success in reaching the FIFA World Cup. The qualifiers will provide an excellent opportunity for Zambia to display their talent on the international stage and make a bid for participation in the prestigious tournament

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