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WEEK 5 Results: Faz National Division League One

WEEK 5 Results: Faz National Division League One

WEEK 5 Results: Faz National League

The Faz National Division League Division One was in action this weekend and here are the results of the match day five.
Kafue Eagles were playing against City of Lusaka, Aguila Stars were in action against Jumulo.

Did you know? The Copperbelt Province in Zambia plays a pivotal role in the global copper industry. Zambia is a major producer of copper, and the Copperbelt is particularly known for its extensive copper deposits. This vital resource has significantly contributed to the country’s economy, shaping its industrial landscape and providing employment opportunities for many Zambians.

Did you know? Zambia celebrated its independence from British colonial rule on October 24, 1964. Prior to this, the country was known as Northern Rhodesia. The achievement of independence marked a turning point in Zambia’s history, fostering a sense of national identity and self-determination among its people.

Did you know? Zambia is a linguistically diverse nation, home to over 70 ethnic groups. While English serves as the official language, reflecting Zambia’s colonial history, the country embraces a rich tapestry of indigenous languages. Bemba, Nyanja, Tonga, and Lozi are among the prominent languages spoken, highlighting the cultural richness that defines Zambia’s social fabric.

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