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The correct Barbra Banda issue CAF

So FAZ drunk the poison

The correct Barbra Banda issue CAF playing politics

The issue regarding Barbra Banda has been mishandled by no other than CAF.The facts are as follows

1. CAF introduced the issue of minimum testosterone levels set by CAF on female footballers.

2. CAF wrote to all FAs in 2021 regarding this issue and recommended the remedy for all affected female footballers.

3. Medical conditions are not disclosable to the public by any other body, person or organization unless with the consent of the affected individual.

4. Fielding Barbra Banda in any of the matches would have caused Zambia to be disqualified should any of the teams lodge a complaint. NB; All teams have information of which players and from which country are affected based on the tests done by CAF last year.

The question many are asking is Why was BB11 included on the list of the players traveling to AWCON tournament in Morocco?

It was hoped that by the time the tournament commences, her condition would have been corrected through the on going treatment.

Another question is why is CAF claiming that they did not rule out any player from any association?

CAF did not directly tell each association which players to include on their lists but did that by setting up competition rules which should be adhered to by associations. Any failure by any team or individual player to meet these regulations, would render a team’s disqualification from the tournament. And this would have been a costly venture for the entire country.

Is there anything FAZ could have done to allow BB11 participate in the tournament? The answer is NOTHING. Competition rules are set by CAF and each association just abides by those rules to avoid being cited for none adherence.

Also of interest is not only BB11 was cited last year, but 5 other key players who have not been called this year for this tournament.

Is there a possibility of BB11 bouncing back in the team?

Yes there’s 100% chance of her bouncing back in the team in future engagements in light of the measures FAZ and the players have put in place and being worked on.

Why is FAZ not disclosing the real reason why the player could not make it for this tournament? FAZ are mute on the matter to protect the player’s career as it matters the most for both country and the player.

I submit.

Written By John Chirwa

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