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Ivory Coast Coach and Captain Acknowledge Zambia’s Victory and Signal Need for Changes

Ivory Coast Coach and Captain Acknowledge Zambia's Victory and Signal Need for Changes

Ivory Coast’s coach and captain both admit the strength and tactical prowess displayed by Zambia in their recent match, acknowledging their deserving victory. The 3-0 loss without scoring has highlighted the necessity for significant changes within the Ivory Coast team.

In response to the defeat, the coach emphasizes the immediate start of preparations for the upcoming AFCON, underlining the importance of learning from the loss and making necessary adjustments. This proactive approach demonstrates their commitment to improving their performance and making the required changes for future games.

While the absence of key players such as Zaha and Pepe is noted, the coach and captain also stress the significance of the remaining players and the need for them to step up and put up a fight. They recognize the collective effort and determination required from the team as a whole.

The captain echoes the sentiment that Zambia truly desired victory and acknowledges the challenges faced by the Ivory Coast team during the match. Despite expressing sadness over the loss, they remind everyone that victories, draws, and defeats are inherent in the nature of the beautiful game.

On a positive note, Ivory Coast has already secured qualification for the upcoming Africa Cup AFCON as the host nation. Their final game, scheduled for September 4th, 2023, will be played at home against Lesotho.

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