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Heakonde Town Council Still Unbeaten, On the Verge of Making History in Muchinga Division One

Heakonde Town Council Still Unbeaten, On the Verge of Making History in Muchinga Division One

Nakonde Town Council (Natco) continues to assert their dominance in the Muchinga Division One league, standing tall as an unbeaten giant. Under the guidance of Coach Josphat, the team is on the verge of etching their name in the history books by aiming to finish the league unbeaten, a feat yet to be accomplished in Muchinga. With 31 games already played, they have one more match left to be played and one pending in the DC locker room office.

The team record throughout the season has been nothing short of exceptional. In their 31 games, they have not suffered a single defeat, amassing an impressive total of 83 points. Their success can be attributed to their remarkable consistency, with 26 wins and 5 draws. The team’s attacking prowess is evident, having scored 70 goals so far. Equally impressive is their defensive strength, conceding a mere 8 goals and keeping more than 15 clean sheets.

The defensive organization and discipline displayed by Natco have been instrumental in their unbeaten run. Their ability to prevent goals and maintain clean sheets has undoubtedly been a key factor in their success. The team’s defenders and goalkeeper deserve commendation for their outstanding performances. As the season draws to a close, Natco’s players and coaching staff are undoubtedly motivated to maintain their unbeaten streak and etch their names in Muchinga Division One history.

 The final games of the season will be crucial for Nakonde Town Council as they seek to make history. The team’s remarkable run has captivated fans and created a sense of excitement in the town. The players are determined to give their best and achieve their goal of finishing the league unbeaten. As the fans eagerly await the outcome of the remaining matches, all eyes will be on Natco as they strive to solidify their place as an unstoppable force in Muchinga Division One.


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