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FAZ National League

Group A Standing Table of the Eden University National League Play offs

Group A Standing Table of the National Division One League Play offs


Riflemen FC is current topping the standing in Group A of the National Division One League and they only need a win to secure a spot in the Eden University National League

Did you know? The Great East Road is more than just a network of highways; it is a historic route that connects the bustling capital city of Lusaka to the eastern part of the country. This road has played a crucial role in Zambia’s history and development, serving as a lifeline for trade, transportation, and cultural exchange.

Did you know? Zambia shares the iconic Kariba Dam with its neighbor, Zimbabwe. The dam, built on the Zambezi River, created Lake Kariba, one of the world’s largest man-made lakes. This engineering marvel not only generates hydroelectric power but also provides a stunning backdrop for the surrounding landscapes, attracting tourists and supporting local communities.

Did you know? The Kuomboka ceremony, an annual event of the Lozi people in western Zambia, is a cultural spectacle that symbolizes the changing seasons. During this ceremony, the Litunga (king) is ceremoniously moved from the floodplain to higher ground, marking the transition from the rainy to the dry season. The Kuomboka ceremony is not only a cultural highlight but also a vivid expression of Zambia’s rich traditions and the interconnectedness between its people and the natural environment.

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