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FAZ National League

FAZ National League Week 24 Results

FAZ National League Week 24 Results

FAZ National League Week 24 Results

The FAZ National League is ablaze with fervor as teams engage in a fierce battle for promotion to the Super League. Week 24 witnessed thrilling encounters and significant shifts in the standings, intensifying the competition to secure those coveted Super League slots.

Indeni’s Triumph and Tied Standings:

Indeni’s recent victory over Quattro Kalumbila has injected more intensity into the competition. Their win has not only propelled them but has also brought them level with Mpulungu Harbour at 38 points, setting the stage for an exhilarating race to the top.

Radiant Lumwana Maintains Position:

Lumwana Radiants, despite settling for a goalless draw against Mpulungu Harbour, stand firm in the league’s second spot. With a four-point lead over Atletico Lusaka, Lumwana Radiants are holding their ground as contenders for promotion.

Shifting Fortunes for City of Lusaka and Young Green Buffaloes:

City of Lusaka, previously occupying the fourth position, experienced a setback with a goalless draw against Chambishi. This allowed Young Green Buffaloes to seize the opportunity and climb to fourth place following their victory over National Assembly FC.


Young Green Buffaloes FC 2-1 National Assembly FC

Young Prisons FC 2-1 Aguila FC

Nchanga Rangers FC 2-3 Zesco Malaiti Rangers

FC Quattro Kalumbila FC 0-1 Indeni FC

Jumulo FC 1-0 Kafue Eagles FC

City of Lusaka FC 0-0 Chambishi FC

Kitwe United FC 0-0 Mpulungu Youth Academy FC

Mpulungu Harbour FC 0-0 Lumwana FC


Chipata United FC vs Atletico Lusaka FC

Faz National League Table

# Team P Pt
1 Nchanga Rangers 24 51
2 Lumwana Radiants 24 44
3 Atletical Lusaka 23 40
4 Young Green Buffaloes 24 39
5 City Of Lusaka 24 39
6  Mpulungu Harbour 24 38
7 Indeni 24 38
8 Young Prison 24 33
9 Kitwe United 24 32
10 Chambishi 24 28
11  Zesco Maliati Rangers 24 28
12 Aguila 24 27
13 National Assembly 23 26
14 Quattro Kalumbila 24 25
15 Chipata United 23 24
16 Kafue Eagles 24 23
17 Jumulo 24 19
18 Mpulungu Youth 23 15

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