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FAZ National League Results

FAZ National League Week 9 Results

FAZ National League Week 9 Results

FAZ National League Week 9 Results

The quest to return to the FAZ MTN Super League has proven to be a formidable challenge for clubs that have been relegated from Zambia’s top-tier football division. The journey back to the elite level has become increasingly complex, demanding a determined and focused effort from teams aspiring to regain their spot in the Super League.

Lumwana Radiants, Nchanga Rangers, and Chambishi are among the clubs seeking to make their way back to the Super League after facing relegation. Each team has had its unique set of challenges, and the road to redemption is far from straightforward.

Lumwana Radiants, in particular, has shown strong signs of making a comeback. Despite a solid finish in the previous Super League season, they now find themselves in the National Division One. Notably, they managed to secure the services of a highly sought-after coach from the previous season, Lameck Banda. This situation has raised some eyebrows, given the extensive coverage of Lameck Banda’s coaching career in Super League reports, with multiple teams expressing interest in his services.

Lumwana Radiants’ journey has been marked by just one defeat, but an excessive number of draws have hindered their progress. Although they have fewer losses than some of their competitors, the higher number of victories held by other teams has left Lumwana Radiants trailing behind. After completing week nine, they currently occupy the seventh position on the National Division One table, trailing leaders Nchanga Rangers by just three points. Nchanga Rangers hold a notable advantage in goal difference, with seven goals scored, compared to Lumwana Radiants’ two.

Chambishi, on the other hand, is facing an even tougher challenge. Despite suffering only one loss, they are yet to secure a victory as they close out week nine. Their situation has grown increasingly precarious as eight games have ended in draws, with just one defeat.

Nchanga Rangers, among the four teams relegated from the Super League, have emerged as the frontrunners after nine weeks of competition. They have displayed an impressive record, recording five victories, two draws, and two defeats, which positions them at the top of the National Division One table.

Atletico Lusaka is another club that has shown strong potential this season. Their approach to the game suggests that they will be formidable challengers and may have a chance to secure a spot in the Super League.

In summary, the journey back to the FAZ MTN Super League has presented a tough challenge for the relegated clubs. While Lumwana Radiants, Nchanga Rangers, Chambishi, and Atletico Lusaka each face unique obstacles, the competition remains fierce, with Nchanga Rangers currently leading the way in their quest for redemption.

FAZ National League Week 9 Results:

  1. Indeni FC 1-0 Mpulungu Youth FC
  2. Mpulungu Harbour FC 1-0 City of Lusaka FC
  3. National Assembly FC 1-0 Quattro Kalumbila
  4. Zesco Malaiti Rangers FC 1-0 Chipata United FC
  5. Kafue Eagles FC 0-1 Kitwe United FC
  6. Atletico Lusaka FC 1-1 Young Green Buffaloes FC
  7. Aguila Stars FC 0-0 Jumulo FC
  8. Chambishi FC 0-0 Young Prisons Leopards FC
  9. Lumwana FC 0-0 Nchanga Rangers FC

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