Copper Queens Players Promoted By Green Buffaloes

Copper Queens Players Promoted By Green Buffaloes

When you say hard work pays off, the copper Queens must be one of those that are enjoying the fruits of their labour. After an impressive performance at the AWCON tournament in Morocco, coming 3rd in Africa they are now being first in receiving congratulations orders.

One that is latest is the promotion some of the copper Queens got from their clubs they represent and represented back then. Green Buffaloes made sure they had a push in the girls dreams because of their hard work.

Army Commander lieutenant General Sitali Denis Alibuzwi was in hand – handling the ranks to the girls.He also took time to encourage and thank them for their efforts and that it shouldn’t stop there because their still have to work hard for the other challenges like the FIFA women’s world cup and the COSAFA Games in south Africa.

The girls that were are: Barbra Banda who was promoted to the rank of Sergeant, Hazel Nali, Ireen Lungu, Musesa Agness, Martha Tembo, Lushomo Mweemba, Anita Mulenga and Natasha Nanyangwe all to the rank of corporal.

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