Controversy swirls as average-form Mwenya Chibwe makes provisional squad for AFCON Qualifiers

Mwenya Chibwe, a player for Zesco United, has made it to the 27-man provisional local squad for the AFCON Qualifiers, despite being in an average form. This news has caused quite a stir among fans and pundits alike, with many wondering why Chibwe was chosen over other players who are in better form.

Nevertheless, there is no denying Chibwe‘s talent and potential as a footballer. He has shown flashes of brilliance on the pitch in the past and has the ability to make a significant impact in the AFCON Qualifiers. Perhaps Avram Grant saw something in his game that others did not, or maybe he believes he has what it takes to step up to the challenge.

Regardless of the reasons behind his selection, Chibwe‘s inclusion in the squad is a reminder that football is full of surprises and that anything can happen on the pitch. Fans will be watching eagerly to see how he performs in the upcoming matches, and whether he can live up to the expectations placed upon him. Only time will tell if Chibwe can rise to the occasion and help his team qualify for the AFCON tournament.

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