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CEO Samuel Maango Transforms Forest-Myooye FC and Empowers Youth Through Sports

CEO Samuel Maango Transforms Forest-Myooye FC and Empowers Youth Through Sports

In a remarkable display of dedication, CEO Samuel Maango is revolutionizing Forest-Myooye FC and empowering youth through sports. Since joining the team in 2016, Maango has provided essential resources and training to enhance their performance, propelling them to success. With players now recruited from across the country, the team’s camp in Myooye boasts a diverse and talented roster. Maango’s visionary approach extends beyond football, as he has established Myooye General Dealers Limited to manage the team and spearhead community development projects. Currently leading their league, Forest-Myooye FC is on a trajectory to achieve great heights under Maango’s guidance.

Forest-Myooye FC Sets the Pace in Central Province with Stellar Performance”

Forest-Myooye FC is making waves in Central Province under the exceptional leadership of CEO Samuel Maango. After joining the team in 2016, Maango’s commitment to their success has propelled them to the top of the league table. With a well-rounded squad sourced from different regions, including Lusaka, Kabwe, Chipata, Maamba, and Nyimba, Forest-Myooye FC has become a force to be reckoned with. Their stellar performance serves as a testament to Maango’s dedication to developing the team and promoting talent across the nation.

Samuel Maango’s Vision: Building a Modern Playing Ground and Facilities for Forest-Myooye FC”

CEO Samuel Maango’s visionary plans for Forest-Myooye FC go beyond the pitch. His immediate project focuses on constructing a modern playing ground and related facilities, aiming to provide an enhanced training environment for the team. Maango’s commitment to their development has led to the establishment of Myooye General Dealers Limited, a project implementation entity dedicated to managing the affairs of the team and supporting other community initiatives. With Maango’s vision, Forest-Myooye FC is poised to reach new heights and foster community growth through sports.

“Samuel Maango: Transforming Lives and Communities Through Sports”

CEO Samuel Maango’s passion for sports as a catalyst for community development is reshaping lives and communities. His journey with Forest-Myooye FC began in 2016, and since then, he has nurtured the team into a formidable contender. Beyond football, Maango’s commitment extends to empowering youth and enhancing their prospects. With players from various regions, Forest-Myooye FC serves as a unifying force. Under Maango’s leadership and the establishment of Myooye General Dealers Limited, this transformative approach is set to create a lasting impact, inspiring generations and fostering positive change.

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