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Beston Chambeshi advises Fashion Sakala to respect Zambian supporters

Beston Chambeshi advises Fashion Sakala to respect Zambian supporters

Fashion Sakala, to respect his home supporters. Chambeshi emphasized that supporters play an essential role in football and are the same everywhere in the world, whether they criticize or support.

Sakala, who recently played in a game where Zambia won 2-0 against Lesotho, took to his social media page to express his disappointment with the criticisms he received from some Zambian supporters. He referred to them as “ungrateful supporters” for their comments about his style of play.

This situation has created an interesting dynamic in the football community, with some people supporting Sakala‘s frustration and others criticizing him for his response. Some argue that supporters have the right to criticize players, as it is a part of the game, while others believe that players should be respected and appreciated for their contributions to the sport.

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Regardless of the opinions on the matter, it is clear that both supporters and players have a vital role to play in the success of any football team. As such, mutual respect and understanding between the two parties are essential for the continued growth and development of the sport.

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