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AFRISEED – Central Province Faz sponsorship deal continue scoring

AFRISEED - Central Province Faz sponsorship deal continue scoring

From financial grants, football boots, match balls and team jerseys. The Central Province Division One Women’s League teams have once again received a shot in the arm as they have now received corner flags to complete the package from the Afriseed – Central Province FAZ deal . The league sponsor is on course to fulfill all it’s end of the bargain with the Central Province FAZ Executive Committee. The Central Province FAZ Chairperson who is also FAZ Executive Committee member, Mr Chisanga Pule was particularly elated to have seen the deal coming full circle and had seemingly led to encouraging the formation of District Women’s Leagues in areas it was non existent. Case in point was the recent formation of teams from Serenje District to participate in women’s football with the ambition to play in the coveted Afriseed Sponsored Pro FCvincial Women’s League in the short term and progressively aspire to play higher tier leagues of National Division One and Super Women’s League respectively.

The Chairman accompanied by the Provincial General Secretary Mr. Dickson Chibuye took advantage of Week 26 fixtures which were all incidentally taking place in Kabwe at various football grounds to distribute the fancy corner flags. Mr. Pule, took time to remind the beneficiaries on the use of the branded corner flags. He reminded the officials to resist the temptations of using the equipment during the non Afriseed Sponsored games/teams as that will amount to “contravention of contact terms”. He further urged the teams to guard the equipment jealously. The Chairman also encouraged club officials to support Afriseed through purchase of their products so as to help keep the company in business if their support was to continue beyond the current contract duration. “Can we all be brand ambassadors for Afriseed products, club officials and players alike. That way, we would help the company to sustain this kind of support to football development in the province in particular and the nation at large” Mr Pule said.

In thanking the sponsors on behalf of other beneficiary clubs, Kabwe Mines Soccer Academy (KAMISA) Head Coach Mr Evance Machina express enormous gratitude for the gesture. He said Afriseed had continued to support teams in critical areas where most teams found it very difficult to afford. Simple as they look to be, corner flags were too expensive for most teams to afford such that they ended up improvising with “home-made” ones. The act was not only compromising to the standards of the league but was also posing a danger to players on the field because some of the material used could be harmful to the players.

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