Zambia Drew To A Nil All Against Cameroon

Zambia Drew To A Nil All Against Cameroon

Zambia is looking to set a record in the AWCON tournament as they drew their first match with Cameroon. Copper Queens defended well making sure that a net was not secured by the opponents.

Cameroon kept on knocking but couldn’t break the dead lock, missing chances that would have surely earned them points. Until things were turned around by the zambian Side who played some genuine attacking football in the last minutes but to no avail.

Cameroon appeared to be frustrated by the Zambian defense backline, as they pressed on. And they almost scored in the late 80th minute but Mweemba, the number 3 Zambian defender flew in to defend an almost touching the net chip over the Zambian goalkeeper.

Both teams secured a point in their opener, and will see how they fancy their chances in the next games respectively.

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