Rachael Kundananji scores a brace

Rachael Kundananji scores a brace

Rachael Kundananji the copper queen forward scored a brace for her club that lost 2 3 to Granadilla tenerife in a match which was played this afternoon in Spain and also picked up a yellow card in the 44th minute.

Kundananji produced a brilliant performance in an effort to produce goals and see her team match to the last minute with maximum points but to no avail.

She made her mark in the 54th minutes, leveling up the scores to 1 all and later with another goal giving her team the deserving lead in the 63rd minute. But the joy was short lived as the opponents equalized and shortly took the lead to stole the points.

It ended in a disappointing 3 2 defeat. Kudos to the 21 year old for putting up such a great fight and showing such quality for her team and proving she worth every penny.

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