Prison Leopards Secure Lameck Banda as Head Coach in Ambitious Two-Year Deal

Prison Leopards Secure Lameck Banda as Head Coach in Ambitious Two-Year Deal

Prison Leopards have made a strategic move in their coaching staff, officially announcing the appointment of Lameck Banda as their new head coach. Banda, alongside assistant coach Bupe Chewe, has inked a two-year agreement with the club. This announcement follows the duo’s recent departure from Lumwana Radiants.

The coaching tandem of Banda and Chewe brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to Prison Leopards, who are eager to turn their fortunes around. Currently positioned 16th in the league standings with 10 points, the team aims for a significant climb under the guidance of the new coaching staff.

Lameck Banda, known for his strategic approach and success at previous clubs, expressed confidence in the team’s potential. The coaching duo is poised to instill a winning mentality and tactical prowess in the players, aiming to propel Prison Leopards to a higher position in the league.

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The decision to appoint Banda and Chewe comes at an opportune time for Prison Leopards, offering the team a chance to redefine its trajectory and compete more fiercely in the league. The departure of the coaching pair from Lumwana Radiants, where they left the team in a commendable third place in the FAZ National Division One, speaks volumes about their capabilities.

Prison Leopards’ fans await the unfolding of this new chapter under the leadership of Lameck Banda and Bupe Chewe, anticipating positive changes and a rejuvenated spirit within the squad. The journey to climb the league table begins with the collective vision and strategic guidance provided by the coaching duo.

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