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Nkana FC vs Forest Rangers: A Decade-Long Rivalry Renewed

Nkana vs Forest Rangers: A Decade-Long Rivalry Renewed

Nkana vs Forest Rangers: A Decade-Long Rivalry Renewed

As Nkana FC prepares to face Forest Rangers in their upcoming match, the spotlight falls on their long-standing rivalry, which has unfolded over the past decade. The head-to-head record between these two teams since 2011 paints a picture of fierce competition and memorable encounters.

In recent years, both Nkana FC and Forest Rangers have had their share of victories and defeats, showcasing the unpredictable nature of football. From narrow wins to dominating performances, each match has added layers to their storied rivalry.

Looking back at their previous meetings, certain matchups stand out. The 2016 clash, where Nkana secured a commanding 4-1 victory over Forest Rangers, highlighted their offensive prowess. Conversely, the closely contested fixtures in 2021, with Forest Rangers clinching a 2-1 win, demonstrated their resilience and ability to capitalize on opportunities.

As the two teams prepare to face off once again, fans eagerly anticipate another chapter in this captivating rivalry. With Nkana FC aiming to capitalize on home advantage and Forest Rangers seeking to extend their dominance, the stage is set for a thrilling encounter.

The head-to-head record reflects the competitive spirit and intensity that define matches between Nkana FC and Forest Rangers. With each team striving for victory, fueled by years of rivalry and competition, the upcoming match promises to deliver excitement and drama for fans on both sides.

As the countdown to kick-off begins, supporters brace themselves for another chapter in this enduring rivalry, where every goal, every save, and every moment on the pitch contributes to the rich tapestry of football history between these two clubs.

2023 Forest Rangers 1-0 Nkana
2023 Forest Rangers 1-3 Nkana
2022 Nkana 1-1 Forest Rangers
2022 Forest Rangers 1 -1 Nkana
2021 Nkana 2 -0 Forest Rangers
2021 Nkana 1 – 2 Forest Rangers
2020 Forest Rangers 2 -0 Nkana
2020 Nkana 0- 1 Forest Rangers
2019 Forest Rangers 1- 0 Nkana
2019 Nkana 1 -2 Forest Rangers
2018 Forest Rangers 1 -2 Nkana
2018 Nkana 3-0 Forest Rangers
2017 Nkana 3 -1 Forest Rangers
2017 Forest Rangers 0 – 1 Nkana
2016 Forest Rangers 0-1 Nkana
2016 Nkana 4-1 Forest Rangers
2015 Nkana 1-0 Forest Rangers
2015 Forest Rangers 0-1 Nkana
2013 Nkana 0-0 Forest Rangers
2013 Forest Rangers 2-3 Nkana
2012 Nkana 1-1 Forest Rangers
2012 Forest Rangers 3-1 Nkana
2011 Forest Rangers 1-0 Nkana
2011 Nkana 3-0 Forest Rangers

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