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Fans Accuse Zambia Under 17 Coach of Bribery following the Second Consecutive Loss

Fans Accuse Zambia Under 17 Coach of Bribery following the Second Consecutive Loss

It was a disappointing day for Zambian football fans as the under 17 team suffered another loss, this time to South Africa in Constantine. However, what made matters worse was the accusations hurled at the team’s coach, Ian Bakala.

According to angry supporters, Bakala has been accepting bribes from wealthy individuals in exchange for securing spots for their sons in the national team.

The fans had expressed their doubts about Bakala‘s selection the moment he announced his final selection, claiming that only a few players were deserving of their spots in the team. Sadly, their fears seem to have been justified, as the team slumped to their second consecutive defeat.

It is a sad reality that nepotism and corruption can sometimes cloud the judgment of local coaches, leading to unfair selection processes and ultimately, poor performances on the field.

In light of this, many fans are now calling for the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to consider hiring foreign coaches who are less susceptible to such biases and more focused on fielding the best players for the job.

Perhaps it is time for Zambia to take a bold step towards reforming its football system and embracing new perspectives from outside its borders. With fresh eyes and an unbiased approach, foreign coaches may just be the key to unlocking the full potential of Zambia’s footballing talent and bringing the nation back to its winning ways.

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The question is, will the FAZ take heed of the fans’ calls for change, or will they continue to stick with the status quo and risk further disappointments?

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