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Clifford Mulenga says leadership of Christopher Katongo is biased?

Clifford Mulenga says leadership of Christopher Katongo is biased?

Christopher Katongo posted this picture yesterday and Clifford Mulenga has reposted it with the following names 

“These are my heroes and forever will be. They made my play at for the national team worth everything.I wouldn’t have asked for a better team and mates than them.I wish one day we will have a true anniversary that will see all of them including Coach Herve Renard come together and celebrate history and legacy. said Christopher Katongo 

Christopher Katongo was gifted this jersey by a fan

meanwhile Clifford  Mulenga has replied to the contest which was released by Christopher

“So you go to war where we all know that not everyone will make it out alive due a number of reasons such as death and betrayal. Others take bullets for others.Then as a leader, you decide to ignore the truth then call for only the survivors regardless of how they survived, to be honoured. The sacrifices of the dead become useless because they cannot speak for themselves and victory has been achieved.” said Mulenga 

he later said A leader who ignores the truth and sacrifices of others and only acknowledges what benefits his curriculum vitae and ego just to celebrate a victory is a leader who can’t be trusted.Anyway let me not say much.2012 was and will always be an amazing victory year for the Chipolopolo Boys and Mother Zambia

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