Barbra Banda Outlines Ambitious Goals for Copper Queens in WAFCON Qualifiers

Barbra Banda Outlines Ambitious Goals for Copper Queens in WAFCON Qualifiers

Barbra Banda, the captain of the Zambia Women’s National Team, popularly known as the Copper Queens, has articulated her ambitious targets as the team gears up for the upcoming Women’s Africa Cup of Nations (WAFCON) qualifiers. The skipper, known for her exceptional leadership and goal-scoring prowess, is setting her sights on securing qualification for the prestigious tournament.

In a recent statement, Banda emphasized the importance of clinching a spot in the WAFCON, outlining it as a primary goal for the team. Her leadership has been instrumental in guiding the Copper Queens through various competitions, and her commitment to achieving success on the continental stage is unwavering.

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Banda also expressed her satisfaction with the inclusion of new members in the squad, viewing it as an opportunity for fresh talent to contribute to the team’s success. Encouraging the newcomers, she highlighted the significance of hard work and dedication, values that have been integral to the Copper Queens’ journey.

Furthermore, Barbra Banda shared her joy at securing a coveted spot in the top 10 of the CAF Best Female Players ranking. Her individual achievements add to the pride of the entire team and serve as motivation for her teammates. Banda’s consistent stellar performances have not only elevated her status in African women’s football but have also brought recognition to the Zambian national team on the international stage.

As the Copper Queens embark on their WAFCON qualifying campaign, Barbra Banda’s leadership and goal-scoring prowess will undoubtedly be crucial. The team will look to build on past successes, with the captain leading by example both on and off the field. With her eyes set on qualification, Banda’s determination resonates with the entire squad, creating a unified spirit as they strive for excellence in women’s football on the African continent.

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