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Bola Yapa Zed

A wrap up of match Day 24 of Bola Yapa Zed on a number of games played

A wrap up of match Day 24 of Bola Yapa Zed on a number of games played

A wrap up of match Day 24 of Bola Yapa Zed on a number of games played

1: Indeni 1 Vs Green Buffalos 2.
Goals came from Martin Njobvu of Green Buffalos in the 9th minute and it seemed like it was going to be more goals to come from the Green side but it halted and only in the 47th minute Indeni equalized to level the score from Handavu.
However, the joy was short lived when Kayawe Kapota scored in the 59th minute leaving the goals to slug up to the end.

2 Kansanshi Dynamo 3 vs Kafue Celtics 2.

Just as the game started, it was clear to see who was going to carry the day. In Just 3 minutes played, Jesse Were had already found the back of the net leaving the opponents in disorganized stated that allowed Dynamos to cushion their lead in the 27th minute from Bruce Musakanya making it 2 nil.
In the 67 minutes Celtic pulled one back and had a few knocks on the Kansanshi doors shaking the defense system and Timothy Sakala stepped up and declared dominance by adding another goal making it 3 to 1.
What seemed like it was done and dusted only in the extra time when Celtic regrouped to pull one back and ended the match 3 2. Hard luck for Kafue Celtic

3:.Zesco 2 Vs Nkana 1

This by far was one of the biggest games played on match Day 24. It was a 50/50 chance for both teams. But only on paper. Zesco however showed that they meant business in the first 15 minutes they made Nkana Chase shadows! and in the 20th minutes their efforts paid off through Vincent Oburu. 3 minutes from that, a careless defense from Zesco’s defender who a ball in the 18 yard gave Nkana a penalty in which they equalized. In the 52nd minutes Joseph Chingandu Scored a beautiful goal which secured the Team Ya Ziko 3 points.

4:. Nkwazi 0 vs Buildcon

The game was a bit on the slow pace and the goal came in the 70th minutes through Lubinda Mundia from a timely header beating the goalie on the near post. The opponents tried to level the scores but the way was certain. Buildcon carried the day

5. Chambeshi vs Konkola Blades
Another rivals that gladiate throughout the 90th minutes with a decisive goal coming from Tapson Kaseba.

6: Kabwe worriers 1 vs Green Eagles 2

Green Eagles are on a winning spree after the win over Red Arrows as they seem to have took the spirit from 2 wins in a roll so far.
Derick Bulaya was on the score sheet again in the 5th minute and chances were exchanged from both sides and the game dragged till the 7 after the half hour mark that Kabwe Equalized through Dominic Chanda.
Ernest Mbewe had to work the magic to catapult the lead to 2 1 and it was one chance after the other. Bulaya had a chance for a brace but was ruled out as offside.

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