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ZESCO United Transfer Updates 2023/2024: Crafting a Dynamic Squad

ZESCO United Transfer Updates 2023/2024: Crafting a Dynamic Squad

ZESCO United Transfer Updates 2023/2024: Crafting a Dynamic Squad

ZESCO United has been meticulously reshaping its team through a series of astute transfers. The club’s recent activity in the transfer market underscores a comprehensive push to reinforce various facets of their squad. Below is an extensive overview of ZESCO United‘s recent moves in the transfer market:

New Arrivals:

  1. Abraham Siankombo: ZESCO United has effectively secured the services of Abraham Siankombo from Zanaco. The infusion of Siankombo is anticipated to inject a fresh impetus into the squad’s attacking prowess and flexibility. His experience and skills are poised to be valuable assets in ZESCO United’s pursuit of success.
  2. Lebeau Binemo Madi: A notable inclusion to the squad is Lebeau Binemo Madi, a free agent who has now joined the ranks of ZESCO United. Madi’s arrival furnishes the team with augmented flexibility and tactical options, offering the coaching staff enhanced choices in their strategic approach.
  3. Lewis Kasono: ZESCO United’s dedication to nurturing burgeoning talents is palpable with the acquisition of Lewis Kasono from Damiano Academy. This transfer underscores the club’s unwavering commitment to shaping a promising future by assimilating young prospects into the senior fold.
  4. Mathews Chabala: The addition of Mathews Chabala from Nchanga Rangers is a calculated move to bolster the defensive arsenal of the squad. Chabala’s presence amplifies the team’s defensive depth, laying the groundwork for a resolute backline.
  5. Pride Mwansa: ZESCO United clinched a loan agreement for Pride Mwansa from Nkwazi. This temporary arrangement bestows Mwansa with the opportunity to contribute to the team’s objectives while accruing invaluable experience.
  6. Samson Ngoma: The midfield ranks have been fortified with the procurement of Samson Ngoma from River Plate FC. Ngoma’s arrival is poised to confer added vigor and creativity to ZESCO United’s midfield orchestration.
  7. Toaster Nsabata: Toaster Nsabata’s transfer from Sekhukhune United to ZESCO United has buttressed the goalkeeping department. His experience and skills are set to be integral in maintaining the team’s defensive solidity.


  1. Adrian Chama: Adrian Chama’s exit from the club marks a transitional phase as ZESCO United refines its roster. This move signifies a concerted effort to optimize the team’s composition and performance.
  2. Donashano Malama: Donashano Malama’s transition to Nkana heralds a significant transformation for both clubs. Malama’s transfer denotes the inception of a fresh chapter in his career as he embarks on a new challenge.
  3. Gregory Sanjase: Gregory Sanjase’s shift to Kansanshi Dynamos opens up a novel avenue for him to contribute to the aspirations of a different team.  The goalkeeper has gone to Kansanshi Dynamos on loan.
  4. Jack Ngulube: Jack Ngulube’s move to Zanaco signifies a shift in the dynamics of both teams. Ngulube’s experience enriches Zanaco’s roster, while his departure creates room for new avenues of development at ZESCO United.
  5. Simon Silwimba: ZESCO United and Simon Silwimba have gone their separate ways, affording both parties the prospect of exploring fresh horizons. Silwimba’s exit paves the way for new explorations.
  6. Spencer Sautu: Spencer Sautu’s transfer to Green Eagles marks a fresh chapter in his football odyssey. His move grants him the opportunity to perpetuate his growth and evolution in an alternate milieu.

ZESCO United’s recent activity in the transfer market vividly underscores the club’s unwavering commitment to cultivating a well-rounded and competitive squad for the impending season. By assimilating new talents, nurturing emerging players, and judiciously utilizing loan agreements, the club is strategically positioning itself for success in both domestic and potentially international competitions. The oscillations in the squad mirror a dynamic approach to evolving challenges and opportunities, underscoring ZESCO United’s unswerving commitment to on-field excellence.

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