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Zambia Football Association President Andrew Kamanga Hints at New Technology for ABSA Cup Final

Zambia Football Association President Andrew Kamanga Hints at New Technology for ABSA Cup Final

In an exciting development for Zambia football, the President of the Football Association of Zambia, Andrew Kamanga, has dropped a hint about the introduction of new technology during the upcoming ABSA Cup Final between FC MUZA and Forest Rangers. Kamanga expressed his confidence in delivering a thrilling final and revealed plans to incorporate a technological touch that could leave a lasting legacy beyond determining the winner of this year’s tournament.

Kamanga has been an advocate for implementing Virtual Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in Zambian football, and back in 2021, he made the initial announcement regarding its introduction. Now, it seems that the long-awaited technology might finally make its debut during the ABSA Cup Final. While specific details about the technology were not disclosed, the use of VAR would mark a significant milestone for Zambian football and bring the country in line with international standards

VAR technology has been widely adopted in top-tier football leagues around the world, including the English Premier League and the FIFA World Cup. Its implementation aims to improve the accuracy of refereeing decisions, reduce errors, and enhance the overall fairness of the game. By introducing VAR in the ABSA Cup Final, the Football Association of Zambia demonstrates its commitment to embracing modern advancements and ensuring a high-quality footballing experience for players and fans alike.

The inclusion of technological advancements in the ABSA Cup Final not only promises to make the match more intriguing but also signals a progressive shift within Zambian football. This move is expected to elevate the country’s footballing standards and open doors for further development and growth. As football enthusiasts eagerly await the showdown between FC MUZA and Forest Rangers, all eyes will be on the introduction of this new technology and the potential impact it will have on the outcome of the match and the future of Zambian football.

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