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FAZ National League Week 2: Roundup of Full Results

FAZ National League Week 2: Roundup of Full Results

FAZ National League Week 2: Roundup of Full Results

The FAZ National League’s second week of action brought forth an exciting array of matches that showcased the fervor and competition of Zambian football. Here’s a detailed rundown of the Week 2 fixtures and their outcomes:

City of Lusaka FC 2-0 National Assembly FC:

City of Lusaka FC asserted their dominance with a confident 2-0 victory over National Assembly FC. The team’s performance demonstrated their prowess and determination on the field.

Nchanga Rangers FC 2-0 Mpulungu Youth FC:

Nchanga Rangers FC secured a well-deserved 2-0 win against Mpulungu Youth FC, showcasing their skill and effectiveness in finding the back of the net.

Jumulo FC 1-2 Young Green Buffaloes:

Young Green Buffaloes emerged triumphant with a 2-1 victory over Jumulo FC. The match witnessed a spirited battle, with Young Green Buffaloes ultimately claiming the three points.

Mpulungu Harbour FC 1-0 Kafue Eagles FC:

Mpulungu Harbour FC clinched a close 1-0 victory against Kafue Eagles FC in a game that displayed their ability to seize critical moments.

Young Prisons FC 1-1 Quattro Kalumbila FC:

Young Prisons FC and Quattro Kalumbila FC played out a hard-fought 1-1 draw, where both teams exhibited determination to secure a share of the points.

Chambishi FC 1-1 Aguila FC:

Chambishi FC and Aguila FC battled to a 1-1 draw, underlining the competitive nature of the fixture and the resilience of both sides.

Lumwana FC 1-1 Atletico Lusaka FC:

Lumwana FC and Atletico Lusaka FC played to a 1-1 stalemate, highlighting the balance between the teams as they each managed to find the net.

Zesco Malaiti Rangers FC 0-0 Indeni FC:

Zesco Malaiti Rangers FC and Indeni FC played out a goalless draw, showcasing a tight defensive contest where neither team managed to break the deadlock.

Week 2 of the FAZ National League offered a diverse range of encounters, from resounding victories to closely contested draws. As the league progresses, these results provide a glimpse into the competitive spirit and exciting potential that lie ahead.

Here is how the table standing look like.

2023/24 Faz National League Table

# Team P Pt
1  City Of Lusaka 2 6
2  Quattro Kalumbila 2 4
3  Indeni FC 2 4
4 Nchanga Rangers 2 3
5 Young Green Buffaloes 1 3
6 Kitwe United 1 3
7  Mpulungu Habour 2 3
8 National Assembly 2 3
9 Athletico Lusaka 2 2
10 Chambishi 2 2
11 Aguila 2 2
12 Lumwana Radiants 2 2
13 Zesco Maliati Rangers 2 2
14 Young Prison 2 1
15 Kafue Eagles 2 1
16 Chipata United 0 0
17 Jumulo 2 0
18 Mpulungu Youth 2 0

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