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Copper Queens Moves up while USA drops in latest FIFA ranking

Copper Queens Moves up while USA drops in latest FIFA ranking

The recent FIFA World Rankings update has brought some notable changes and developments in the world of women’s football.The Zambia Women’s National Team has made a significant leap, climbing eight spots to reach the 69th position.

This is because of  their remarkable 3-1 victory over Costa Rica in the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Notably, this win Wass also marked as a historic moment for the team, as they secured their first-ever World Cup victory on their debut appearance in the tournament.

The 69th ranking is the highest position that the Copper Queens have reached so far. Within the African region, they hold the seventh rank, trailing behind Ivory Coast, Ghana, Morocco, Cameroon, South Africa, and the leading team, Nigeria. .

On the other hand, the United States, which was previously ranked first, experienced a drop to the third position. This shift followed their elimination in the round of 16 by Sweden, which was decided through a penalty shootout. Meanwhile, England, a World Cup finalist, maintained their fourth-place position.

Australia’s journey in the rankings as well has also been intriguing. They moved up from 12th place in December of the last year to the 10th spot in both March and June rankings. Their journey leading up to the World Cup included a victory over France (1-0) in a single game before the tournament. During the World Cup itself, Australia recorded four wins and three losses.

The calculation of ranking points considers several factors, including the outcomes of matches, the quality of opponents faced, and the significance of the matches themselves. These metrics provide a comprehensive view of a team’s performance and help determine their placement in the rankings.While this is so,the next FIFA Women’s World Ranking is set to be published on December 15, 2023,

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