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Bruce Mwape Defends Player Selection Process

Bruce Mwape Defends Player Selection Process

Bruce Mwape, the Copper Queens head coach, has defended his selection process, claiming that he picked players solely on their merit.

Mwape firmly believes that his team’s success relies on the quality of players he selects, and therefore, he ensures that his choices are based on individual performance.

In a statement to the media, Mwape confidently stated that he sees no problem with his selection, as he meticulously scrutinized each player’s abilities before picking them for the team.

He maintained that only those who proved themselves to be worthy of the team were ultimately selected, and that no other factors, such as bias or favoritism, played a part in the selection process.

Mwape‘s unwavering faith in his selection process is indicative of his dedication to the sport and his team. He recognizes the importance of choosing the right players, as they are the key to achieving victory on the field.

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By basing his selections solely on merit, Mwape has established a level playing field for all players, giving them an equal opportunity to prove themselves and earn a place on the team.

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