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Japan beat world cup debutants in 2023 FIFA women’s world cup

Japan beat world cup debutants in 2023 FIFA women's world cup

Japan’s 5-0 victory over Zambia was indeed impressive result that highlighted the Asian team’s dominance in the match. Japan’s attacking play was relentless, as they tried their chances at Zambia’s goal repeatedly, despite the excellent efforts of goalkeeper Catherine Musonda.

Musonda kept Zambia in the game with a series of impressive saves, but ultimately, she and her team were unable to prevent the flood of goals from Japan. Japan’s possession of the ball was another critical factor in their victory, as they managed to control the game and limit Zambia’s chances in front of the net.

The goals by Hinata Miyaziwa and Tanaka Mina were crucial in breaking down Zambia’s defense and setting Japan on a path to victory. Miyaziwa’s goal in the 43rd minute came after an earlier goal by Tanaka Mina was ruled out for offside, but the Japanese team did not let that setback deter them. After the first half, they came out strong and opened the floodgates with Mina scoring the second goal and Miyaziwa adding another in the 62nd minute. These goals were a testament to Japan’s attacking prowess and ability to create scoring opportunities.

Despite Zambia’s strong defensive efforts, they were unable to stop Japan’s attacking force in the second half of the match. The copper queens pushed for a goal to get back into the game, but were denied by Japan’s solid defense. Japan’s Jun Wan scored the team’s fourth goal in the 76th minute, further securing their lead .As if not enough ,in the final minutes of the game, Japan was awarded a penalty which was successfully converted by Riko Ueki, taking the final score to a resounding 5-0 in favour of Japan.

It was a disappointing match for Zambia, who now need to regroup and focus on their upcoming match against Spain on 26th July 2023.They will need to work on their attacking and defensive strategies to ensure a better performance in their next game.

Japan, on the other hand, will be pleased with their dominant performance and look to build momentum going into their next match against Costa Rica.

The red card for Zambia’s goalkeeper Catherine Musonda will be a setback for the team, but they will need to find a way to adapt and overcome this challenge.

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