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2023 FIFA Women’s world cup Day 3; Fixture

2023 FIFA Women's world cup Day 3; Fixture

The 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, currently being hosted in Australia and New Zealand, showcases a diverse array of nations competing head to head for the coveted title of world champion. 

The tournament commenced with the group stage matches on July 20th, which saw both hosts secure victories and set the precedent for an exciting competition ahead. 

However, it was the clash between Nigeria and Canada on day 2 that truly captivated spectators, as the match ended in a thrilling draw. This match also saw the Nigerian midfielder, Deborah Abiodun, receive the first red card of the tournament. 

As the tournament progresses, fans can anticipate even more fiercely competitive games on day 3.

Zambia Vs Japan

This match will further intensify the quest for glory as Zambia will play against Japan at Waikato stadium at 9:00hrs. Absurdly Zambia will play without their favorite goalkeeper, Hazel Nali and Grace Chanda who are both injured.

The first match in group C where both Zambia and Japan are drawn in,was between Spain and Costa Rica where spain went away with 3 goals to zero setting the team on top of the group with 3 points.

 United States Vs Vietnam 

This upcoming match between the United States and Vietnam is set to be an intriguing battle. The United States team, with their experienced players, will be aiming to secure their third consecutive tournament win. They have a strong track record and will be eager to continue their winning streak.

On the other hand, Vietnam is entering the tournament for the first time. This will be a significant moment for their team, as they make their debut on the international stage.

The match will take place at Eden Park Stadium, creating an electric atmosphere for the players and fans alike. With a kick-off time of 3:00hrs, both teams will have time to prepare and strategize for the game.

England Vs Haiti

A group D match in which England will face off Haiti at Lang Park, Brisbane stadium. The match is scheduled for 10:30hrs. Both teams will be eager to make their mark in the tournament and secure a win.

Denmark Vs China

Meanwhile, Denmark will be taking on China at Perth Rectangular Stadium at 1:00hrs. It will be an interesting clash between these two teams, as they aim to showcase their strengths and outperform their opponents. The match promises to be an exciting encounter for both players and spectators.

Overall, these upcoming matches will provide plenty of excitement and entertainment for football fans. With each team vying for victory, it will be fascinating to see how the games unfold and which teams come out on top.

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